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2 Timothy 2 Published

Friday, August 29th, 2008


2 Timothy 2 has finally been published!

I have spent the last two days updating the program that converts the export from my Bible software into web pages. I wrote the program in Visual Basic 6 years ago, and have made improvements almost every time I have published a new chapter. This time required a lot more work because I had redesigned the web site in the interim, and I needed to incorporate those changes into the software.

I had run the conversion program from my laptop in the past, but my new laptop has Vista on it, which is incompatible with VB6. I installed Visual Basic 2008 on Vista, but when I converted the program, there were a lot of errors resulting from many fundamental incompatibilities between VB6 and VB2008. Oh well. I doubt I will want to take the time to reprogram this for an upgrade. For now, I have Windows XP on my desktop, and will run the conversions from there.

I look forward to working on the next chapter: 2 Timothy 3!

Enjoy, and God bless,

Is Psalm 118:8 is the center verse in the Bible?

Wednesday, June 5th, 2002

he 118:8 “center” comes from someone incorrectly identifying 118 as the center chapter and then asserting that verse 8 as the center verse of the center chapter. However, on the first point, it is easy to see that someone miscounted. 117 is actually the center chapter in the Bible. Secondly, 118 has 29 verses, making 8 the incorrect “center of the center.”

There are two reasons why these incorrect numbers are so widely reported. One is that an e-mail with this information became widely distributed a long time ago, in a way that is similar to how virus hoaxes are perpetuated (i.e., “pass this along to everyone you know”). It has been shown repeatedly that people will forward information without verifying its validity. The second reason is that other “statistics” were included in the e-mail, supposedly showing a general pattern of “1188” comes through counting chapters. The claim is that this pattern shows the “perfection” of the Bible. Unfortunately, all of this is based on faulty math!

Perhaps it is ironic that 118:8 speaks to trusting God rather than man. We can only guess about the person who sent the original message. If someone attempted to “prove” the validity of Scripture through numerology, they only proved this verse by coming up with the wrong answer through human error. Of course, the correct proof of Scripture is in the historical facts, the present changed lives, and the future fulfillment of the remainder of prophecy, not the supposed symmetry of Scripture. Such faulty logic is further compounded by remembering that the original text did not have chapters or verses. On the other hand, if the person was malicious, they probably set out to “prove” that Christians are gullible. I doubt that Christians are any more gullible than anyone else, but perhaps it shows that we are not as careful with information about our most important book as we could be. It might also show that we focus too much on trivial information.