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2 Timothy 2 Published

Friday, August 29th, 2008


2 Timothy 2 has finally been published!

I have spent the last two days updating the program that converts the export from my Bible software into web pages. I wrote the program in Visual Basic 6 years ago, and have made improvements almost every time I have published a new chapter. This time required a lot more work because I had redesigned the web site in the interim, and I needed to incorporate those changes into the software.

I had run the conversion program from my laptop in the past, but my new laptop has Vista on it, which is incompatible with VB6. I installed Visual Basic 2008 on Vista, but when I converted the program, there were a lot of errors resulting from many fundamental incompatibilities between VB6 and VB2008. Oh well. I doubt I will want to take the time to reprogram this for an upgrade. For now, I have Windows XP on my desktop, and will run the conversions from there.

I look forward to working on the next chapter: 2 Timothy 3!

Enjoy, and God bless,

Sabbatical At An End

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

As some of you have noticed, I have been on a sabbatical from writing the Marsh Bible Commentary for several years. I am happy to announce that I have started writing again. I am also going to try leveraging tools like this blog, which were not available when I was writing before. I am most of the way through 2 Timothy now, and anticipate that I will be publishing again in a week or two. I have not run through my export process in years, so I am not sure what debugging I might need to do with the application.

I hope you find this site informative, useful, and inspiring.

God bless,