Daily Bible Reading iCalendar Fixed & Improved

The old iCalendar feed I had available was really difficult to work with. The most important change I made was to convert the old iCalendar from a static file that had all the readings for the entire year in it, and having each appointment repeat each year, to a dynamic file that delivers only three weeks of readings surrounding the current day. I had set up a database for the RSS feed, and was able to reuse that table for the iCalendar, which allows the application to choose the current readings easily and account for Leap Year.

The iCalendar format makes it easy to add these reminders to Outlook, Google Calendar, and AirSet.

Features include:

  • Only populates calendar for two weeks ahead and one week past, instead of putting in the whole year of readings
  • Reading schedule now accounts for Leap Years
  • Links back to MBC Daily Reading page if you would like to read the Bible online
  • Visitors can subscribe anonymously
  • Uses iCalendar v2, which should work with most iCalendar applications

Add “Read the Bible in a Year” to your iCalendar Add daily readings to your iCalendar client

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