Rules of E-mail

I have these taped to my monitor at work. These were helpful when I was doing computer support.

  1. Does your e-mail indicate that you really care about the person and solving their problem?
  2. Have you researched the problem? Have you checked the available resources before bothering other people or implying that others might be at fault — which you should not do anyway?
  3. Do you have permission from the proper authorities to do what you have promised?
  4. Does everyone need to be CC:ed? Has anyone been left off that should be included?
  5. Can anything you have said be misconstrued as an insult? If you are

    feeling hostile, have you prayed about this? Perhaps you had better send it later. Do not say anything about anyone that you would not say to their face.

  6. Check your pride in at the door. There is no need to build yourself up — just do a good job. If you need to apologize, then do it. Even if you don’t think so, pretend that the person knows what they are saying. Perhaps they do!
  7. Remember that God is watching. Is what you are doing pleasing to Him? Is what you are doing helping others to see that God is good?

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